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 Very helpful tips.

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PostSubject: Very helpful tips.   Wed Aug 03, 2011 6:05 pm

Hello. Originally posted by Grampaw: Originally posted by cmfinn: Okay, I am really an amateur to all of this. I have bought DVDFab and am using what appears to be the latest version (DVDFab and it won't even read Iron Man 2. I don't want to use a lot of different software when I have paid to use this one. Should I just be patient and see if they release an update? Is anyone else having this problem? Everyone talks about their success ripping/burning of this dvd, but no one has mentioned using DVDFab I am assuming this is different than DVDFab Beta? I appreciate everyone's patience with me as well as their assistance. Thank you in advance! DVDFab works fine, no need for the latest Beta version. Open DVDFab without any discs in your drive. In the title bar, click on the checkmark symbol; this opens the options box. Look about halfdown the left column for something called "Pathplayer". Click on "Pathplayer". The Pathplayer options box opens. The "Enable Pathplayer when necessary" option is the default and should be selected. You want to select the "Disable Pathplayer" option. Then click on the "OK". Another box will pop up saying you have to restart DVDFab for the option to be enabled; so close out DVDFab, and start it again.Now put the "Ironman 2" disc in the DVD ROM or Writer, and select Main Movie under DVD Copy, the program will read the disc and give you all these Titlesets in the left window. The program selects one of the lower number ones, which is the incorrect one. You want to scroll down and select Titleset 29. This titleset gives DVDFab the correct path to follow. Now you should be good to go - select Next and let DVDFab do it's thing. If you don't want any loss in resolution, then use a dual-layer DVD blank. Also don't forget to go back and check the "Enable Pathplayer When Necessary" option for future DVDs you want to backup. I am new to backing up DVDs. How do you know which Titleset to use? I am curious for future movies that I want to back up that are too large for regular or dual layer discs where the only way to make it fit without any loss in resolution is to choose "Movie Only".
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Very helpful tips.
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